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Khinalug Documentation Project (2011-2014, VW-Foundation)

The objective of this project is a thorough documentation of Khinalug, a Northeast Caucasian language spoken primarily in the isolated village of Khinaliq, in the Caucasian state of Azerbaijan. Today, Khinalug has not more than 1,500 speakers. There are strong indications that the number of speakers is declining very rapidly. In addition to a sketch grammar, a sociolinguistic survey, an extended dictionary (in digital and written form), a Khinalug archive as part of the DoBeS Archive and an audiovisual project website, a range of high quality documentary materials for a variety of language phenomena will be recorded and analyzed. These materials, which will be created in close cooperation with the Khinalug people, will be used for language teaching and for the support of literacy. Native speakers will be trained in basic documentation techniques to ensure the long term sustainability of the project.

This project is directed by:

Prof. Dr. Jost Gippert [coordinator]
Universität Frankfurt am Main
Fachbereich 10 - Neuere Philologien
Institut für Linguistik, Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft
Grüneburgplatz 1
60629 Frankfurt am Main

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulze
Universität München
Fakultät für Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften, Department II
Allgemeine und Typologische Sprachwissenschaft
Ludwigstraße 25
80539 München

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